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Adam Smith

Adam Smith is Chief Scientific Officer for Nobel Prize Outreach. His background is in scientific research and science publishing.

Adam Smith is Chief Scientific Officer at Nobel Prize Outreach. After fellowships in molecular biology, neuroscience and physiology in Oxford, Harvard and Heidelberg, he pursued research in developmental neuroscience at Oxford University before moving into science publishing. At Nature Publishing Group he launched ‘Nature Reviews Drug Discovery’ as chief editor and then, as publisher, ran Nature’s biopharma portfolio of journals. Prior to joining Nobel Prize Outreach, he was journals publishing director at Informa Healthcare.

In his current role, his projects include directing the Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative, an educational programme that takes laureates to meet and inspire the next generation of scientists around the world, curating the content of Nobel Prize Outreach’s global science and society meeting series, the Nobel Prize Dialogue, and hosting the ongoing Nobel Prize Conversations series of podcasts.

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