Seoul, 24 September 2023


Nobel Prize Dialogue

Future learning: exploring science and technology

24 September 2023, Seoul, South Korea

The future of learning will be a significant factor in shaping the future of humanity and our planet. As our awareness of the enormity of global challenges increases, it is vital to take time to consider how best to equip ourselves, and future generations, to tackle these difficulties and build a better world. What do we need to know, and how should we learn it? This Nobel Prize Dialogue seeked answers to those questions and more.

What constitutes an ‘education’? This question laid at the heart of the dialogue and was considered from various angles: what do we need to know, is there an optimal balance between fundamental and applied knowledge, how does education differ around the world today and should we be adapting learning to meet future needs?

Technology is changing both the practice and focus of education. What does the rapidly developing relationship between technology and learning mean for the way we will learn in the future, and do the demands placed on us by the technologies that surround us threaten to undermine our ability to learn?

Speakers included: Joachim Frank, 2017 Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry; Michael Levitt, 2013 Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry; Hartmut Michel, 1988 Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry; Konstantin Novoselov, 2010 Nobel Prize laureate in physics; George Smoot, 2006 Nobel Prize laureate in physics; as well as Anant Agarwal, Anna Cristina D’Addio, Bhanu Jena, Dzul Razak, Lin Goodwin, Liz Cho and Pasi Sahlberg.

The first two hours of the event focuses on the value of learning. Our speakers spoke about the purpose of learning and where the heart of education should be as well as how one can achieve equality in education. This was followed up by two hours discussion on AI and digital approaches to learning. During the last two hours of the event our speakers got to discuss how we can encourage diversity in STEM and our Nobel Prize laureates got to tell us about their best teachers.

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