Singapore, 13 September 2022


Nobel Prize Dialogue

Zarni Kyaw.png

Zarni Lynn Kyaw is Deputy Director at Community Partners International.

In 2011, Zarni Lynn Kyaw earned his medical degree from the Yangon Institute of Medicine. Kyaw then worked with the Myanmar Football Federation as a medical officer, and assisted Myanmar’s football teams during the 2013 Southeast Asian Games. Kyaw discovered that the players in Myanmar have the desire to be the greatest in the world. However, many of the players are unable to compete on the international stage due to concerns about nutrition and public health. In addition, he discovered that public policy may be used to solve nutritional concerns.

After the Southeast Asian Games, Kyaw began his career in public health by working for the National Health Network. Following the election of the NLD government, he was given the opportunity to collaborate with a group of policymakers on a paper titled Program of Health Reforms. This project gave him the ability to define policy. Following that, he collaborated with a group of people working in the National Health Plan Implementation Monitoring Unit to design the National Health Plan (2017–2021), adopting a strategy that included several stakeholders.

Kyaw was given the opportunity to attend classes at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in the Netherlands in 2018, and he successfully completed those classes in 2019, earning him the degree of Master of Public Health in International Course in Health Development. At the moment, Kyaw is serving in the capacity of Deputy Director for the organisation Community Partners International.

He participated in projects to strengthen health systems in the Shan and Karen states and worked on strategic purchasing projects in areas of the eastern border of Myanmar that were devastated by violence. He hopes that he will be able to contribute to the health finance reforms in Myanmar using the knowledge that he has gained through the Strategic Purchasing Project.