Nobel Prize Inspiration Initiative

Aaron Ciechanover

17 – 18 June 2020

Aaron Ciechanover, 2004 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, shared his insights and ideas with a Polish audience. Discussions included an exploration of the role played by science and scientists in society’s response to contemporary challenges. In the face of overwhelming amounts of information and disinformation, what can science and scientists do to help individuals, and society, make the best choices?

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Dr Ciechanover connected with early-career scientists online. Open sessions reached a wide audience, and closed sessions allowed an intimate discussion between the laureate and young researchers.

The event was held in partnership with AstraZeneca and in association with:

  • Jagiellonian University, Krakow
  • Warsaw Medical University
  • University of Warsaw


Interview and Q&A with Aaron Ciechanover

Aaron Ciechanover on uncovering nature’s secrets

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