Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2006
John C. Mather, George F. Smoot

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The Nobel Laureates
John C. Mather, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
George F. Smoot, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Presentation of the COBE project, NASA
Scientific articles
J. Mather et al., 1990, Astrophys. J (Letter) 354, 37
G. Smoot et al., 1992, Astrophys. J (Letter) 396, 1
R.W. Wilson, 1978, The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, Les Prix Nobel, 113
Mather, J.C. and Boslough, J. 1996: the very first light (BasicBooks 1996)
Smoot, G. and Davidson, K. 1993: Wrinkles in Time (Little, Brown and Company, London 1993)
Weinberg, S. 1993: The First Three Minutes, 2nd edition (BasicBooks 1988 & 1993)


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