Rudyard Kipling


Selected works
Schoolboy Lyrics, 1881
Echoes, 1884 (with Alice Kipling)
Departmental Ditties and Other Verses, 1886
Plain Tales from the Hills, 1888
Soldiers Three, 1888
The Story of the Gadsbys, 1888
In Black and White, 1888
Under the Deodars, 1888
The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Tales, 1888
Wee Willie Winkie and Other Child Stories, 1888
The Courting of Dinah Shadd and Other Stories, 1890
The Light That Failed, 1891
The City of Dreadful Night and Other Places, 1891
Letters of Marque, 1891
American Notes, 1891
Life’s Handicap : Being Stories of Mine Own People, 1891
The Naulahka : A Story of West and East, 1892 (with Wolcott Balestier)
Barrack Room Ballads and Other Verses, 1892
Many Inventions, 1893
Jungle Book, 1894
The Second Jungle Book, 1895
The Seven Seas, 1896
Soldier Tales, 1896
Captains Courageous, 1897
The Day’s Work, 1898
Kipling’s Poems, 1899 (edited by Wallace Rice)
Stalky and Co, 1899
From Sea to Sea, 1899 (2 volumes)
Kim, 1901
Just So Stories : For Little Children, 1902
The Five Nations, 1903
Trafficks and Discoveries, 1904
Puck of Pook’s Hill, 1906
Collected Verse, 1907
Actions and Reaction, 1909
Abaft the Funnel, 1909
Rewards and Fairies, 1910
A Diversity of Creatures, 1917
The Eyes of Asia, 1918
Twenty Poems, 1918
The Years Between, 1919
Letters of Travel (1892-1913), 1920
Land and Sea Tales for Scouts and Guides, 1923
Debits and Credit, 1926
Poems 1886-1929, 1929 (3 volumes)
Thy Servant a Dog, Told by Boots, 1930
Humorous Tales, 1931
Limits and Renewals, 1932
The Sussex Edition of the Complete Works of Rudyard Kipling, 1937-1939 (35 volumes)
Rudyard Kipling’s Verse, 1940 (Definitive Edition)
Kipling’s India : Uncollected Sketches, 1884-1888, 1985 (edited by Thomas Pinney)
The Letters of Rudyard Kipling, 1990-2004 (6 volumes, edited by Thomas Pinney)
Critical studies (a selection)
Young, W. Arthur, A dictionary of the Caracters and Senes in the Stories and Poems of Rudyard Kipling : 1886-1911. – Routledge, [1911]
Durand, Ralph, A Handbook to the Poetry of Rudyard Kipling. – Hodder & Stoughton, 1914
Falls, Cyril, Rudyard Kipling : a Critical Study. – Secker, 1915
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Gilmour, David, The Long Recessional : the Imperial Life of Rudyard Kipling. – John Murray, 2002

The Swedish Academy, 2007

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