Thomas H. Morgan

Banquet speech

Telegram from Thomas Hunt Morgan, read by Mr. Steinhardt, Minister of the United States, at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm, December 10, 1933

It is with great regret that I am unable to be present at the award of the Nobel prizes. Circumstances here in connection with the establishment of a new group in physiology and with the immediate future of biochemistry and genetics, make it imperative for me to remain, otherwise I should be present despite the distance; please express my appreciation of the honour conferred. I expect to go to Stockholm in May or June to meet my friends and colleagues there. The many letters that have come to me are unanimous in expressing satisfaction in the farsighted recognition by the Caroline Institute of genetics as contributory to medicine and physiology. Personally, I realize of course that the work in genetics has not been accomplished by any one individual or group of individuals, but has been world wide and the outcome of many hands and minds. It should, I think, give great satisfaction that the contributions to genetics have been international, and that Swedish geneticists have done more than their share in bringing the results to a successful issue.

From Les Prix Nobel en 1933, Editor Carl Gustaf Santesson, [Nobel Foundation], Stockholm, 1934

Copyright © The Nobel Foundation 1933

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