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Nobel Prize Talks: John C. Mather

Released 2014-05-22

Is there life on Mars? NASA researcher John Mather, awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2006 for mapping the traces of the first light emitted by the young universe, believes that where there’s water, there’s likely to be life. And he thinks that the chances of finding water on Mars are high – so reasons that signs of life on the planet may well be found, and during our lifetime too. In this conversation he also discusses how the new James Webb Space Telescope, ready for launch 2018, will provide a deeper look into space, even allowing us to detect the presence of water on planets orbiting suns other than our own.

John Mather Answers Questions on the NobelPrize YouTube Channel

As the first in a series of Q&A sessions with Nobel Laureates on YouTube, John Mather, awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 2006 for his research in cosmic microwave background radiation, has answered a selection of questions on the NobelPrize YouTube channel. His answers range from what happened before the Big Bang to what the consequences are of receiving a Nobel Prize.

Watch 42 Questions and the Answers!

Interview, December 2006

Interview with the 2006 Nobel Laureates in Physics, John C. Mather and George F. Smoot, 6 December 2006. The interviewer is Adam Smith, Editor-in-Chief of

Nobel Minds 2006

The Nobel Laureates of 2006 met at the Bernadotte Library in Stockholm, 9 December 2006, for the traditional round-table discussion and TV show ‘Nobel Minds’. The show was hosted by Sarah Montague, a presenter on the BBC ‘Today’ programme. The Laureates discuss their achievements, their inspiration and motivation, and also answer questions e-mailed by visitors to and

See the Video ‘Nobel Minds’
Interview, October 2006

Telephone interview with John C. Mather immediately following the announcement of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics, 3 October 2006. The interviewer is Adam Smith, Editor-in-Chief of

Transcript of the Telephone Interview with John C. Mather

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