24 October 2024, Sydney


Nobel Prize Dialogue

The Future of Decision Making

24 October 2024
Sydney, Australia

In October 2024 the Nobel Prize Dialogue comes to Sydney for the first time to bring together minds from science and beyond, all gathering to discuss and explore the future of decision-making.

We believe that understanding and improving the way we make decisions – as individuals, as organisations, as nations and collectively as a species – will help us address pressing global issues more effectively. Join us as we grapple with the mysteries behind how decisions are made, exploring the powerful forces that shape them, and how we navigate the digital age.

In a year that will see a series of crucial elections around the world, these themes will be brought to life on stage in Sydney. 
We look forward to seeing you there.

Previous events

Nobel Prize Dialogue
Thinking for the Sydney dialogue began in 2023 when we convened a special digital event for experts in decision making.
Nobel Prize Dialogue
We turned our attention to the art and science of democracy and decision-making in this Nobel Prize Dialogue in Brussels.
Nobel Prize Summit
We brought together laureates, leading experts and the public in a conversation on how we can combat misinformation, restore trust in science and create a hopeful future.
Nobel Prize Summit 2023

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