Nobel Prize Series

Teaching and learning

11-13 September 2019, Delhi and Punjab, India

Education is key to the future of humankind. By making education accessible to everyone, we can make sure that no human potential goes to waste. Through education we ensure that today’s students are ready to deal with the problems of tomorrow.

Many Nobel Laureates talk about how teachers have introduced them to the world of science, literature and peace, and how mentors have played a role in their success. The Nobel Prize shows that humanity can change the world for the better – and it starts with education. Investing in education is investing in the future.

One of the events that will take place during the Nobel Prize Series is the exclusive Teacher Summit on 11 September 2019. At the Teacher Summit, teachers meet Nobel Laureates, scientists and educators to learn more about how the Nobel Prize can be an inspiration in education. 


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Teacher Summit

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