Nobel Prize Summit

Truth, Trust and Hope

Programme information

The Nobel Prize Summit is a three-day hybrid event in Washington DC, taking place 24-26 May 2023, and will feature both in-person and virtual experiences.


Day 1:

Inspirational in-person and online talks, panel discussions, interactive sessions, and games to explore:

  • How our brains process, interpret, react to information.
  • How misinformation and disinformation generates and exacerbates divisions, impedes meaningful progress, and threatens the credibility of individuals, scientists and institutions.
  • Global experiences on countering mis- and disinformation and building and nurturing trust, and the enablers of credible knowledge and data proliferation.


Day 2:

By-invitation only meeting featuring scientists, researchers, communications professionals, technology sector and business community, Nobel Prize laureates, policy makers, and journalists, to:

  • Review the research on cognitive science, psychology and mis/dis-information, and strategies to tackle and resist it.
  • Identify how stakeholders work together to develop, adopt, and implement robust solutions for restoring truth and rebuilding trust and hope.


Day 3:

A series of in-person and online events sponsored by multiple partners and stakeholders that will bring Nobel Prize laureates together with educators and students at all levels to:

  • Share knowledge on how to effectively teach and communicate scientific literacy and how to recognise and dispel mis- and disinformation.
  • Effectively incorporate lessons in addressing mis- and disinformation into classroom teaching and curricula.