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In the lead-up and during the Nobel Prize Summit we are taking part in a number of activities and events that will feed into our discussions. Read more about them below.


Latest Events:


New report on AI and climate misinformation


As part of the Nobel Prize Summit, Stockholm Resilience Centre has published a digital synthesis report on AI and climate misinformation.


The report builds on years of research and concludes the expansion of online social networks, the influence of recommender systems, increased automation, and new generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools are rapidly changing the speed and the way misinformation about climate change and sustainability issues moves around the world.


Read the full report

New signatures for 10-Point Plan to address our information crisis


A plan created by 2021 Nobel Peace Prize laureates Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov to rein in Big Tech and rebuild journalism is gaining support across different movements, including human rights, climate justice, and journalism. Since the plan was first launched at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo last year, hundreds more individuals and organisations have added their support, including prominent climate activists Bill McKibben and Laurence Tubiana, leading authors Timothy Synder and Moises Naim, and film directors Mike Lerner and Asif Kapadia.


On 22 May the new signatures will be launched together with a new website for the plan. For information about the plan and to request interviews with signatories contact [email protected]+44 7980 664397 (UK) or Elise Tillet, [email protected] +33 681699980 (US).


Advancing Rights and Freedoms: Science, Human Dignity, and the Nobel Prize – A Virtual Exhibit


In connection with the first Nobel Prize Summit, the Committee on Human Rights of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine produced a portrait exhibit, which can be explored virtually, celebrating some of the many significant contributions Nobel Prize laureates have made in support of human rights worldwide. The activities highlighted in this exhibit range from Denis Mukwege’s work to provide medical care for survivors of sexual violence to Yuan T. Lee’s efforts to call attention to the human rights implications of climate change. Learn more about this exhibit.



Podcast: In Reality: Truth Decay: The Cause and Treatment

Created & produced by: Podcast Partners  Published: Feb 24 2023


Listen to Nobel Prize summit steering committee and president emeritus of the think tank RAND Corporation Michael Rich, co-author of one of the seminal books on facts and media in American public discourse, written with fellow RAND analyst Jennifer Kavanaugh, Truth Decay. Truth Decay was published in 2019 and the analytical framework that it proposed still holds true four years later.


In this podcast, In Reality, hosted by Eric Schurenberg, Michael and Eric discuss the four forces that he believes caused truth to decay in public life; why the current period of misinformation started much earlier than you think; and how media endured several earlier periods of mistrust and how it recovered each time.  Discover here.



Past Events:


Sourcing Campaign – Opening Call for Submissions
15 February to 2 April

The Digital Public Goods Alliance and the United Nations Development Programme are collaborating to discover and promote open-source solutions and concepts that can help tackle the urgent global challenge of information pollution. They will showcase this at the Nobel Prize Summit in May. Submissions are being accepted from 15 February to 2 April.
You can read more and apply here.
Please submit questions to [email protected]


Conference: Thought and Truth under Pressure22 March 2023

The Swedish Academy invited to a conference on current threats to public discourse, freedom of speech, and democracy. The conference brought together writers, thinkers and scientists from across the world. Read more:


AAAS Annual Meeting Science for Humanity, Washington D.C., USA
4 March 2023

Plenary session on trust on institutions versus trust in individuals.


Online Peace Safety : Forging a Common Democratic Vision of Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace
10 November 2022

The Nobel Prize joined discussions about online peace and safety during the Paris Peace Forum. The relationship between freedom of expression, democracy and peace was highlighted with the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to Maria Ressa and Dmitri Muratov, whose 10-point action plan was instrumental in the discussions in Paris.


International Panel on Information Environment, Oxford, UK
4-7 September 2022

The Nobel Prize Summit leadership joined over 30 of the world’s leading experts in algorithmic bias, manipulation and misinformation for the charter meeting of the International Panel on the Information Environment (IPIE) held at Oxford University. First proposed at the 2021 Nobel Prize Summit, the IPIE has now received significant seed funding from six international foundations and convened several Scientific Panels whose findings will be presented at this year’s Summit.  


Freedom of Expression Conference, Oslo, Norway
2 September 2022

The Nobel Peace Center’s annual international peace conference shone a spotlight on the need to take action to defend our information ecosystems and fact-based, independent journalism. At the culmination of the conference, 2021 Nobel Peace Laureates Maria Ressa and Dmitri Muratov launched a 10-point plan to address our information crisis.







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