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Nobel Prize Summit

What is the Nobel Prize Summit? 
Our first Nobel Prize Summit brought together more than 25,000 people from 200 countries to explore how we can secure a sustainable planet. Now we're asking a new question: how can we build trust in truth, facts and scientific evidence to create a more hopeful future for all?

When will the event take place?
The Nobel Prize Summit will take place on 24-26 May 2023.

Who organises the Nobel Prize Summit? 
The summit is being hosted by the Nobel Foundation, in partnership with the US National Academy of Sciences.

Why now?
We live in a world of interconnected crises: emerging pandemics and health emergencies, post-pandemic disruptions, inflationary and monetary pressures, war, climate change and increased stresses on society and the environment. But the volume, velocity and reach of misinformation and disinformation in today's world are weakening public deliberation and undermining trust in scientists, the institutions and governments they serve - and in democracy itself.

What will the summit accomplish?
The Nobel Prize Summit will create a new platform for connecting Nobel Prize laureates and other esteemed researchers with policy makers, business leaders, civil-society groups, and youth leaders to share ideas, propose real-world solutions grounded in evidence, and inspire action.

Who will be speaking?
The summit will convene Nobel Prize laureates in addition to other leading scientists with thought leaders, policy makers, business leaders and young people online and in-person to explore solutions.

What does the programme look like?
See our programme page for more information.

How can I participate?
Register now for free to participate in the programme. You can also watch the Forum of Experts online and register separately to take part in the Solution Sessions being hosted by our partners.

Can I participate online?
Yes. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and don't forget to use the hashtag #NobelPrizeSummit.

Can I watch sessions from the summit after the event is over?
Yes. We will be making sessions from the summit available to watch here on the event website and on the Nobel Prize YouTube channel.

Can media attend?
Yes media are welcome to attend. Please contact:
US National Academy of Sciences’ Office of News and Public Information; +1-202-334-2138 or [email protected]
Nobel Foundation; +46 734 12 66 75, [email protected].

Can I present my work at the summit?
While we are unable to accommodate formal presentations from the public, we encourage you to participate in digital opportunities before the summit and in dissemination events that will provide more opportunities for public discussion.

Can I take a photo/film/record sound?
You are allowed to take pictures and film in the venue, including the conference hall, but make sure not to disturb the conference or the guests. However, it is not permitted to use a tripod or big film cameras without special permission. Feel free to use the hashtag #NobelPrizeSummit if you publish photos in social media.

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