Paul Nurse.

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Whose truth? Climate change denial

Where is there reliable information and where will you be getting that from?”

Despite the impact on millions of lives, denial and lies about the climate emergency continue to spread online. But how can scientists get their message across?

Nobel Prize laureate Sir Paul Nurse discusses how to use science, not politics, to guide the debate surrounding climate change. The BBC’s Babita Sharma also speaks to two young people who are trying to make a difference. UK climate activist Phoebe L Hanson founded Teach the Teacher, which gives school children the resources to engage with their teachers on climate change. Ugandan Nyombi Morris set up a non-profit organisation, Earth Volunteers, to mobilise young people like him who wanted to promote the fight against the climate crisis.

This podcast is part of a co-production between BBC World Service and Nobel Prize Outreach to examine disinformation and the role of critical thinking.

Across four episodes we hear from Nobel Prize laureates about the spread of disinformation in their fields of work and the young people around the world combatting and exposing these distortions.

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First published June 2024

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