Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony 2022.

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Whose truth? Russia vs Ukraine

“Russia uses information like a weapon of mass destruction”

The Center for Civil Liberties has been fighting for human rights and democracy in Ukraine since 2007. Oleksandra Matviichuk, head of the organisation, is spearheading their work documenting Russian war crimes against Ukraine, and pushing back against the deluge of disinformation being used to influence and confuse.

Can the tidal wave of disinformation be stopped and what are the tools that are being used? Matviichuk talks to the BBC’s Babita Sharma about how she uncovers the evidence. Sharma also speaks to Anastasiia Romaniuk, a young Ukrainian digital platforms analyst, who is exposing disinformation around the war, and to Lisa Kaplan, founder and CEO of a US company which helps organisations protect themselves from social media manipulation.

This podcast is part of a co-production between BBC World Service and Nobel Prize Outreach to examine disinformation and the role of critical thinking.

Across four episodes we hear from Nobel Prize laureates about the spread of disinformation in their fields of work and the young people around the world combatting and exposing these distortions.

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First published June 2024

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