Maria Ressa.

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Whose truth? Women haters online

“This is about using freedom of speech to stifle freedom of speech”

As an investigative journalist Maria Ressa has distinguished herself as a fearless defender of freedom of expression. She has shone a light on how social media is being used to spread fake news, harass opponents and manipulate public discourse, while at the same time herself being subject to increasing attacks and disinformation.

She talks to the BBC’s Babita Sharma about the fight to stop social media being used to spread lies and hate against powerful women. Sharma also speaks to two female digital pioneers. Lucina Di Meco is the co-founder of the California-based group She Persisted, which addresses the digital threat faced by women in politics. Audrey Pe is founder of the non-profit organisation WiTech which aims to inspire young people to use technology to bring positive change.

This podcast is part of a co-production between BBC World Service and Nobel Prize Outreach to examine disinformation and the role of critical thinking.

Across four episodes we hear from Nobel Prize laureates about the spread of disinformation in their fields of work and the young people around the world combatting and exposing these distortions.

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First published June 2024

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