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Nobel Prize lessons – Chemistry prize 2023

Moungi Bawendi, Louis Brus and Aleksey Yekimov are awarded the 2023 chemistry prize for the discovery and development of nanotechnology’s smallest components – quantum dots. Quantum dots are nanoparticles that are so small that their size determines their properties, including the colour of light they emit. These luminous attributes are now utilised in making television and display screens. They can also be used to guide surgeons in tasks such as removing tumours from the body.

This is a ready to use Nobel Prize lesson on the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The lesson is designed to take 45 minutes and includes a slideshow with a speaker’s manuscript, a video and a student assignment.

1. Show the slideshow (15 min)

Show the slides, using the speaker’s manuscript.

Slideshow (PDF 3,6 MB)

Speaker’s Manuscript (PDF 220 Kb)

2. Show the interview  (5 min)

3. Student assignment (15 min)

Let the students work with the assignment.

Student assignment (PDF 350 Kb)

4. Conclusion (10 min)

Summarise the work with the assignment and capture any questions from the students.

Press release for the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Popular information for the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

A Swedish version of the lesson is available at nobelprizemuseum.se

More about the Nobel Prize and its founder in the lesson “Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize”

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