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The Nobel Laureate
Osamu Shimomura, The GFP Site
Martin Chalfie, Columbia University, USA
Roger Y. Tsien, Tsien Laboratory, University of California, San Diego, USA
A cell producing GFP-tagged HIV particles (green dots), Nature
Scientific review articles
Shimomura, O. (2005) The discovery of aequorin and green fluorescent protein. Journal of Microscopy 217 3-15
Shaner, N.C. et al. (2008) Improving the photostability of bright monomeric orange and red fluorescent proteins. Nature Methods 5 545-551
Popular scientific books
Pieribone, V., Gruber D. F., A Glow in the Dark. 2005, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and London, England, The Belknap Press, Harvard University Press
Zimmer M., Glowing Genes. 2005, Amherst, New York, Prometheus Books

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