Denis Mukwege


Interview, December 2018

Interview with the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Denis Mukwege, December 2018.

Denis Mukwege answers the following questions (the links below lead to clip on YouTube):
0:08 – What’s your message to men regarding sexual violence?
1:11 – What’s your hope for the future?
2:10 – What can individuals do in the fight against sexual violence?

Telephone interview, October 2018

“I can see in the faces of many women how they are happy to be recognised”

Denis Mukwege was performing his second operation of the day during his regular Friday clinic when he received the news that he had received the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.

Interview transcript

Denis Mukwege: Hello.

Adam Smith: Hello, is this Denis Mukwege?

DM: Yes.

AS: First of all, many congratulations on the award of the Nobel Peace Prize.

DM: I need a little bit of time to really be able to talk but it was so touching when I was operating and I hear people start to cry and it was so, so touching.

AS: That’s lovely. So you were operating when you heard the news?

DM: Exactly.

AS: How very appropriate.

DM: [Laughs] No, it … on Friday my programme is of course to operate and this morning I start my programme normally and it was good because I was just at the end of the second operation, when suddenly start to, start to just to cry and make a noise. But really I can see in the faces of many women how they are happy to be recognised, and this is really so touching.

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