Further reading

The Nobel Prize laureates are presented in Nature, 19th October, and Science, 20th October, 1989

“First trap your atom”, Richard Thompson, New Scientist, Vol 115, no 1576, pp 56-59, 1987 (On ion traps, laser cooling, quantum jumps, etc)

“Laser spectroscopy of trapped atomic ions”, W.M. Itano, J.C. Bergquist & D.J. Wineland, Science, Vol 237, pp 612-617, 1987 (On ion traps, laser cooling, quantum jumps, etc)

“The isolated electron”, P. Ekstrom & D. Wineland, Scientific American, Vol 243, no 2, pp 91-101, 1980 (On Dehmelt’s precision measurement of the electronic g-factor)

“The method of successive oscillatory fields”, N.F. Ramsey, Physics Today, July, pp 25-30, 1980 (On Ramsey’s method and its applications)

“Time, frequency and physical measurement”, H. Hellwig, K.M. Evenson & D.J. Wineland, Physics Today, December, pp 23-30, 1978 (On atomic clocks, their construction and uses)

“Order and chaos with frozen ions”, W. Quint, W. Schleich & H. Walther, Physics World, Vol 2, no 8, pp 30-33, 1989 (On Penning and Paul traps, laser cooling, etc)

“Is quantum mechanics linear?”, Richard Thompson, Nature, Vol 341, pp 571-572, 1989 (On a precision measurement using Ramsey’s method in a Penning trap)

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Information about the Nobel Prize in Physics 1989 (press release)

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