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Eric A. Cornell
Wolfgang Ketterle
Carl E. Wieman
University of Colorado (animations, questions and answers etc.)
Further reading in English
Advanced information on the Nobel Prize in Physics 2001, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (pdf)
Advanced information
The Bose-Einstein Condensate by E.A. Cornell and C.E. Wieman, Scientific American, March 1998, p. 26.
Bose-Einstein Condensation by Ch. Townsend, W. Ketterle and S. Stringari, Physics World, March 1997, p. 29.
Experimental Studies of Bose-Einstein Condensation by D.S. Durfee and W. Ketterle
Optics Express Vol. 2, p. 299, 1998, also available on Internet with animations
Bose-Einstein Condensation, edited by A. Griffin, D.W. Snoke and A. Stringari, Cambridge University Press, 1995.
Readings from the Physics Today Archive Related to the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics
Kylning och infångning av neutrala atomer med hjälp av laserljus, av S. Svanberg, KOSMOS 1998, sid. 7.

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