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Nobel Prize Education Network

Without great teachers, no new Nobel Laureates. Therefore, teachers and students are especially important to us. Many Nobel Prize Laureates testify that a certain teacher challenged or encouraged them, and that the experience has been crucial to the choices they made in life. Through our educational efforts we want to assure many more student experience the feeling of a genuine aha-moment.

Our investment in schools and teachers is based on the Nobel Prize and the vision to work for “the greatest benefit to humankind” which Alfred Nobel expressed in his will. Our educational programs will take advantage of the Nobel Prize’s ability of inspiring people to seek out knowledge, to question and to understand and improve our world.

Nobel Prize Education Network will be the foundation for our various teacher-focused activities, both in terms of physical meetings and digital resources.

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Teachers and school leaders from all over the world are invited to participate in the Summit.
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Teachers Summit 2017 (2)

Teachers at the 2017 Teacher Summit

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So easy to use lesson plans, that a teacher can look through the manual, watch the slides, print the texts for students and then start the class.
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Rinkebyskolan AM 02

Students at Rinkebyskolan

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