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James Sternlicht is the Co-Founder and the President of The Peace Department.

James Sternlicht is the Co-Founder and the President of The Peace Department. Growing up to entrepreneurial parents and with a passion for the environment, Sternlicht found himself at the intersection of the worlds of investing, marketing, and philanthropy from a young age. As he studied the intersection of these various fields during his time at Dartmouth College, he developed a love of the systems thinking model of the world. This worldview has informed his work with many organisations, including Oceanic Global, where he serves as the Director of strategic development, helping to bring together strategic initiatives for reducing the impacts of humanity on the natural world via decreased waste and alternative solutions. Through explorations of the fields of emerging technology, including blockchain and artificial intelligence, Sternlicht began to find intersections and gaps in the approaches taken by many of the players in the space. He identified a critical failure in the coordination of efforts undertaken by research institutions, nonprofits, multilateral organisations, and the private sector in building a comprehensive approach to tackling the greatest problems facing our world today—climate change and inequality. In response, he co-founded The Peace Department—a platform dedicated to coordinating the best and brightest across numerous sectors to operationalise the symbiotic deployment of philanthropic and investment capital, aligned with data-driven and common sense public policy approaches. Now, pulling from deep networks and wide access to resources, he seeks to drive this vision forward with a team of like-minded individuals dedicated to optimising the effectiveness of efforts toward a bright and omniconsiderate future, a world in which people and planet live in partnership, and where humanity has a stable platform to build from in our explorations of the art of the possible.