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Phoebe Omonira

Phoebe Omonira is the Director of Community Outreach for Gen Z Girl Gang.

Phoebe Omonira is the Director of Community Outreach for Gen Z Girl Gang. At 17 years old, Nigerian-American Omonira is using her voice to raise awareness about the importance of empathy as the key to reducing inequality. Her advocacy work regarding empathy is centered around creating resources for kids and their grown ups. She believes that teaching the next generation the importance of empathetic practices is the foundation to fixing our world’s problems. As the author of the soon to be released children’s book ‘Ellie the Empathetic Elephant’, she hopes to revolutionise the way kids learn soft skills in order to make a more equitable world for all. At Gen Z Girl Gang she works to redefine sisterhood for a new generation. As a member of the Junior Board at the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum she organises within her community to bring awareness to the stories of Holocaust survivors and local activists within the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. She serves her community as her high school’s National Honor Society President, as well as the Rotary International Interact Service Club President. As a Youth Member of the United Nations Association, she loves to connect with a community of like-minded global changemakers. Her work stems from her personal experiences with her cultural identity and mental health and wellness practices, as well as her belief in the power of empathy to create a more equitable world.